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A Note From
The Goldberg Family

“Much is written and said about the Holocaust. The number 6,000,000 is well known as far as Jewish people that lost their lives in it. Politicians use the word Holocaust far too easily and for attempted political gain.

For those of us who heard our parents’ nightmares and heard the stories, it was different. For our parents who experienced it then it was different still. It is heartening to see some of the experiences exposed by this work.

As a child of survivors to have people better educated and more aware of the events that occurred certainly does ameliorate some of our frustration with recent events regarding further attempts to make our people victims.

I am so thankful for your efforts that make the Holocaust feel more real to those of us that are here today.”

– Henry Goldberg

“The story of my parents, Bluma and Felix Goldberg, is a difficult one to tell. My hope is that people, young and old all over the world, will be able to visit this website and feel a personal connection to my parents by reading their story.

Though my parents lost most of their dear family, endured unspeakable atrocities, and suffered immensely, they were able to come to the US and miraculously begin new lives. As their daughter, I will always be in awe of their tremendous strength, their will to live, and their absolute love and devotion to each other and to their children.

I would like to say a thank you to Frank Baker, who had a “vision” for this project and tirelessly worked to see it completed.”

– Esther Greenberg

“Even though WWII and the subsequent murder of over 6 million Jews and others was a lifetime ago, my family and I are still deeply affected by its history and memory. A quick glance into my mother’s eyes brings me sorrow for her suffering and torture that she and my father experienced.

I am grateful for people like Frank Baker, who realize the importance of documenting the facts and stories of my parents, in order to assist others in learning about this horrific time in history.

This website will not only assist teachers and others who want to learn about this tragic and dark part of history, but also, and most importantly, will counter those who would like to downplay or say the Holocaust never happened.”

– Karl Goldberg